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Fix the Post Office. Fire its Board of Governors

The Post Office is really important. Families need medical supplies and essential items. Small businesses need to provide goods to customers. Rural communities need to stay connected. Our democracy needs to be fortified with vote-by-mail.

Under the Trump administration, services were cut, vote-by-mail was sabotaged, conflicts of interest were frequent, and the agency's effectiveness suffered terribly.

But while we flipped the White House, we are still stuck with the same disgraceful leadership at USPS. Here's why: President Biden doesn't have the authority to fire Louis DeJoy (who I called on to resign in disgrace last year). Only the Trump-appointed USPS Board of Governors can and they're refusing to.

Add your name: to fix the post office, we need to fire its Board of Governors.

All of the Trump-appointed members of the USPS Board of Governors are complicit in the gross mismanagement of the postal system, which has caused real harm to people across the country. President Biden has the authority to fire and replace them. That's exactly what he should do.

Sign the petition and demand President Biden take action to bring new leadership to USPS.

Democrats won a powerful mandate in 2020. The American people want us to fix what Donald Trump and Republicans broke over the last four years.

That includes the USPS. And it's why I'd like you to join this effort I'm helping organize. Let's urge President Biden to fire and replace the entire USPS Board of Governors.



Posted on March 27, 2021.