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Their priorities vs. our priorities

Republicans sure have awful ideas about what qualifies as a smart investment.

Massive tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy, for the biggest businesses, for polluters? That's what they spent your money on when they were running the show in Congress.

Now that the people have voted them out and put Democrats back in charge, suddenly an investment in infrastructure, in American jobs, in green energy projects — all of that's absolutely a non-starter for them.

It's just another example of why we cannot rest on the campaign trail — because it's clearer each day just how important it is to keep Congress blue. And why I'm asking for your continued support in expanding our Democratic majorities.

Rebuilding America doesn't mean padding the bank accounts of some of the wealthiest mega-millionaires in the world.

We need to talk about roads, about mass transit, about schools and houses, about American manufacturing and independence from fossil fuels.

That's a conversation that's sometimes impossible to have in Congress, however, because too many Republicans are negotiating in bad faith — they seem to want Democrats to fail, and that's it, because maybe it means they'll retake power.

Democrats in Congress and President Joe Biden have a landmark infrastructure and community investment plan we must debate, make as strong as possible, and then pass. Because this is the next step with how we rebuild our country and emerge stronger from this pandemic.

... but, alongside that, we must expand our majorities, because, with each victory, the amount of progressive work we can accomplish only gets better.

Please chip in $3 right now. Let's work hard and work together to do right by our country.



Posted on April 8, 2021.