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McCarthy voted no, tried to take the dough

It turns out that what Democrats are doing in Congress is really popular. So popular, in fact, that dozens of Republicans who fought our COVID relief package at every step of the way are now flaunting it to constituents.

This week, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy joined in, celebrating the restaurant relief program that I fought to get passed, and that he voted against.

There is a pattern of Republicans voting against their own constituents' interests on popular and successful policies. People like Kevin McCarthy didn't do a damn thing to make my restaurant bill happen and don't deserve to take credit for it. He's lying to local restaurants by saying otherwise.

Rachel Maddow laid bare his hypocrisy last night on MSNBC:

"The guy who put himself in charge of trying to stop the COVID relief bill. Now he too is bragging about it at home ...That's one way to do it. Pretend you were for it, try to take credit for it even though you not only voted against, you did everything you could to try and stop it."

While he tries to publicly take credit for our work, Kevin McCarthy is still doing everything he can behind the scenes to hurt Democrats' efforts to provide necessary COVID relief and other critical support for our communities so that he can win back GOP control of the House and get himself a promotion. We can't afford to let that happen.

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Posted on May 4, 2021.