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How we equip young people to be guardians of democracy

Experiencing the assault on the U.S. Capitol firsthand, as insurrectionists tried to overthrow a democratically-elected government, will never leave me. And it shouldn't.

This was the wake-up call so many needed to address brewing crises that have long simmered under the surface.

I have always cared deeply about civics education and helping young people understand the power of our democracy. But the attack on our democratic process showed me that we must recommit to these efforts.

In Congress, I am working to strengthen civics education across our country, so young people will never again be wrapped up in the Big Lie that led to one of the most shameful days in our nation's history. Here in Oregon, we also have steps we need to take to improve understanding of civics and our democratic process.

Currently, Oregon is one of only 11 states that lacks a civics requirement for high school students. As a result, only 24% of students meet proficiency standards in the subject.

This needs to change, which is why I've lent my support to the Civics Education Act working its way through the Oregon legislature. The bill is a common sense measure to make civics education a high school graduation requirement. I hope you'll stand with me.

Will you support this critical cause?

Tomorrow, the Civics Education Act faces a key vote in the Oregon House (it's already passed the Senate by a strong bipartisan vote). Before then, we need to raise our voices in support of civics education.

Please join me in contacting members of the House Education Committee to let them know you support the Civics Education Act.

This is how we equip our young people to be guardians of democracy.



Posted on May 12, 2021.