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Republicans are looking to Oregon. Here’s why:

Throughout my time in Congress, Peter DeFazio has been my steadfast ally and partner on so many issues.

Whether fighting climate change, going big on infrastructure and transportation projects locally and nationally, investing in our workers, protecting our natural resources and our precious wildlife, or shining a light on injustices in Oregon and across our nation, Peter is the single most effective voice in Congress when it comes to rebuilding and renewing America.

... which is why, year after year, Republicans have made him a top target. And coming into 2022, as Oregon adds a 6th Congressional district, they think they have a better chance than ever before.

Let's show them how wrong they are, with a grassroots movement to re-elect Peter DeFazio to Congress. Chip in right now and join the effort.

Peter's Republican opponent, Alex Skarlatos, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in support from Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, and even was given a full-throated endorsement from Donald Trump. And, after a narrow loss, he's back for more.

Republicans political operatives have said they're looking to Oregon — and this is exactly why. If Skarlatos wins, it'll assuredly mean that Republicans have taken back the House, and will pick up right where they left off with obstruction and rampant policies to worsen inequality and favor only the select few.

Even more worrying, The Cook Partisan Voting Index now rates his district as R+1 — they think the Republicans have the edge.

We can't let that happen, and that means organizing in support of proven progressives like my friend Peter DeFazio.

Peter is an unparalleled champion for what's right, and in fighting for our values his re-election is my number one priority.

I hope you will make him a top priority for you as well. Please consider a donation today to support Peter's re-election.

This is going to be a long, hard-fought campaign. But we have to start right now, right now.



Posted on May 15, 2021.