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It's going to be that much more difficult

While Oregon's new 6th Congressional District hasn't been mapped yet, I know that the fight to maintain our progressive majority in the House goes right through our home state.

The Republican money machine never passes up opportunities like this — to pump in big bucks while making empty promises.

The hard truth is: unless we organize here and now, it's going to be that much more difficult to make progress on each and every important issue facing our country.

Please chip in $6 before our May fundraising deadline. Let's pick up the pace and protect our legislative gains in 2022.

We're all perfectly aware of the Republican plan, because it's still being agreed to by Trump himself from a condo in Florida.

Their usual plans include obstructing everything they can, from fighting climate change and infrastructure projects to opposing a more just, equitable society.

And, of course earlier this year, we saw the impact of their years of anti-democracy messaging when supporters attempted a violent insurrection to overthrow our peacefully-elected government... and members continue to gaslight its severity every week since.

Maintaining our progressive advantage in Congress is absolutely critical. I'm reaching out to you today to help with exactly that.

Please make a donation of $6 before the end of the month. This fundraising deadline is important to making a strong showing ahead of what comes next.



Posted on May 26, 2021.