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We’ve dreamt big, and we can’t go small

After multiple "infrastructure weeks" that went nowhere in the past administration, we're finally acting on meaningful infrastructure projects again and investing in America.

President Biden and Congressional Democrats dreamt big, and the result is a multi-trillion dollar plan that creates countless jobs and addresses the climate crisis in a meaningful way.

This package is the most ambitious and encouraging set of proposals I have seen.

It would deliver on our promises to the American people, providing a blueprint for clean energy projects, ensuring clean drinking water, making high-speed internet more accessible and affordable, fixing our nation's crumbling roads, bridges, buildings, and much more.

... but we're facing a Senate Republican wall that's trying to significantly water down our efforts.

We must put our foot down before Republicans hijack this critical infrastructure package and force us to think small and maintain the status quo.

Tell President Biden to hold firm and ensure our federal infrastructure investments remain big, bold, and green.

It's critical we rebuild our country in a way that protects the environment and invests in green industries that will last well into the future.

This is not the time to think small.

Please sign the petition and urge that the federal infrastructure plan stays big to tackle both our roads and climate crisis, while ensuring corporations pay their fair share in taxes.



Posted on June 1, 2021.