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We came close, it's time to finish the job

For nearly 50 years, I have worked on cannabis reform. In that time, I've watched as generations of Black and Brown Americans have had their lives and communities destroyed by selective enforcement of our flawed federal cannabis laws.

It's past time we end the racist War on Drugs. I recently reintroduced the most comprehensive and justice-oriented cannabis reform bill in U.S. history.

This legislation centers racial justice by decriminalizing cannabis nationwide and ending one of the country's most unjust and wasteful campaigns. It will also address racial injustices of the past by expunging certain cannabis-related convictions and ensuring communities of color get equal access to profit from this thriving industry.

This isn't theoretical, either: independent auditors have found this effort would increase federal profits by almost $14 billion and reduce prison times for cannabis-related arrests by 73,000 years.

Late last year, we took a major step in changing our disastrous cannabis policies when the House passed this legislation. Unfortunately, like so much else, it died in Mitch McConnell's hospice program.

With the legislation reintroduced, however, we're ready to finish the job.

In the coming months, we're going to organize to make sure federal cannabis reform doesn't fall short in this Congress.

Stay tuned. Because we're going to need our grassroots community to be a big part of this effort.



Posted on June 7, 2021.