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We're seeing in real time what's at stake

These past few days have been a reminder that the new challenges on the horizon only promise to get harder.

Yesterday was the hottest day ever on record in Portland. The previous record was Sunday. The one before that, Saturday.

None of this is normal. But without a Congress committed to meaningful climate action, it will be.

Please make a donation before the upcoming end-of-quarter fundraising deadline. These funds will go directly to defending and expanding our majority with people who are committed to tackling the realities of the climate crisis.

Right now in the House, our majority is just five seats. We need to be doing everything we can to defend this slim majority — and the pro-science, pro-environment values we represent.

For the last six months, Democrats in Congress have been working to reverse the previous administration's assault on our planet.

The extreme heat these last few days has been yet another reminder that we can't afford to go back to the Republican policies that got us here.

Your small-dollar contributions will support the essential grassroots organizing, both here at home and in key races across America, that will help protect and expand our progressive majority in 2022.

So please chip in $3 today. We're counting on your support.



Posted on June 29, 2021.