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It’s time for a SPACE Tax 🚀

For the second time in two weeks, a billionaire blasted into space yesterday in hopes of winning the space tourism race.

Let's be clear. The purpose of these short trips to space isn't scientific research. They're for bragging rights and to give the uber-wealthy a new way to use their fortunes.

As a senior member of the Congressional committee that deals with taxation, I want to ensure that some of the money spent on these space flights goes back to the taxpayers who invested hundreds of billions in space research in the first place.

Just as you and I pay taxes when we buy airline tickets, billionaires who can afford to fly into space to produce nothing of scientific value should do the same, and then some.

That's why I announced the Securing Protections Against Carbon Emissions Tax Act — or the SPACE Tax Act, as we're calling it.

Space exploration shouldn't be a tax-free holiday for the rich.

This policy proposal would put a per-passenger tax on each commercial flight to space, along with a separate excise tax for each launch into space. We're looking at ways to use these funds to support further space research, combat the climate impacts of space travel, and invest in additional public space infrastructure.

It's part of a long-overdue conversation about how space tourism will impact life here on our own planet.



Posted on July 21, 2021.