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We need your support

Over the last two elections, Team Blumenauer has worked throughout Oregon and across the country to elect progressive fighters and amplify the voiceless in our society. Now, we are seeing results.

With Democrats in charge, we've provided unprecedented relief for working families through monthly expanded child tax credits. We've secured billions in relief for schools, firefighters, and other essential local services. Now, despite massive obstruction from Republicans, we are on the verge of transforming our nation's infrastructure to put people to work and protect the climate.

And we've done it all with no support from Republican leadership.

We know what will happen if Republicans retake control of Congress. They've shown us what's in store: obstruction, widening wealth disparities, stoking racial tensions, science denial, climate destruction, and more.

For all that we've accomplished, with fewer than ten seats in Congress determining the future of our leadership, we cannot let up now: please chip in $3 so we can keep organizing to protect and expand our majority in 2022.

We have an opportunity over the next year and a half to be a major change agent in races across the country. But you can bet there will be a lot of people and dark money trying to slow us down.

We must win in 2022. For our communities. For our planet. For our future.

Chip in. Let's make a difference.

We need your courage now more than ever.


Posted on July 28, 2021.