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We fought for this moment

Our movement was energized for progressive change, and it remains so — especially given how much work needs to be done if we're going to tackle all the challenges the Trump administration created or simply ignored.

We fought for this moment, and Earl isn't wasting time to deliver: modernizing our infrastructure, boosting our community restaurants and small businesses, and addressing the root issues of the climate crisis are just some of the big fights he's brought in a few short months.

But while Democrats are governing, Republican leadership is courting actors spreading misinformation and dark money funneled by Super PACs to take back control of Congress, to bring us back to the past four years.

Just look at the circus around the start of the investigation into the Capitol insurrection on January 6th. In six months, Kevin McCarthy went from condemning those traitors to gaslighting the public about whether or not the siege happened at all.

Are we really going to go back to that?

What I'm saying is that we have to keep up the pressure — and your grassroots support before our upcoming July fundraising deadline can do just that.

I know that, just like in past years, Team Blumenauer can be a force for progressive change across America.

Our team — with your might — was able to build significant support for incredible candidates in swing districts around the county.

Of course we're going to organize hard here in Oregon. That's a given. But you know what else is critical? Making sure that, for all the good Earl and our friends and neighbors want to get done, we have a coalition ready to see it happen.

Early fundraising support does just that, allowing Team Blumenauer to be a force in Democratic races across America — ones that will decide control of Congress next year.

Your donation of $5 helps power us along. I'm asking you to dig deep and chip in today.

Let's get out there and win.

Ali King
Team Blumenauer

Posted on July 30, 2021.