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Urge Congress to join me in saving America’s pollinators

Saving America's pollinators should be at the heart of what Congress does. This isn't "niche" at all; it's an issue that's key to unlocking so much we want and need to do.

From fighting the climate crisis to supporting our local growers, we can't make things better unless we focus like a laser on the rising shortage of our country's pollinators.

But bees, butterflies, and other pollinators were directly targeted in Trump's war on the environment. Numerous bee-killing chemicals were allowed back into the marketplace.

These haven't just put bees at risk. Without our pollinators, entire farms and communities are under serious threat.

Fortunately, we have the power to fix this. My Saving America's Pollinators Act will keep our pollinators buzzing, by monitoring and limiting toxin use, and keeping a close eye on the health of pollinator ecosystems.

Please join me as a citizen co-sponsor calling on Congress to save our country's pollinators.

We talk a lot about home grown, and rightly so: we absolutely should take pride in our hard work, craft production, and the local economies that have relied on crops, green tourism, and natural resources.

So when we let toxins pollute our food supply chain and eradicate our pollinators, we're only hurting ourselves and our future.

Join me and urge Congress to take action on my Saving America's Pollinators Act immediately.



Posted on August 13, 2021.