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A critical lifeline for our children

A child's education, their portal to an unlimited future, can't be another asset only the mega-wealthy can afford. We simply can't take a gamble on our children.

The Trump administration systematically shortchanged the children who needed help the most. Millions of dollars were slashed from critical early childhood education programs, like Head Start, that many children — especially those from low-income families — rely on to be able to thrive in K-12 learning.

Now, through the American Rescue Plan, Oregon's Head Start programs are getting a critical boost of support to ensure our children are set up for success long after their education is completed.

Oregon Democrats, working with the Biden administration, have secured resources that will bolster 21 organizations' Head Start programs across the state. This will allow these centers to adjust to in-person operations safely while still maintaining the high quality that is critical to the success of our kids.

We know the program works. Head Start has equipped children with the leg up they need to shine, starting the moment they step into a classroom. In Oregon alone, nearly 18,000 children benefit from the Head Start program each year.

But without Democrats controlling Congress and without the partnership with a Democratic White House, this critical lifeline would have been left to wither.

I'm proud to continue supporting our children and their futures.



Posted on August 15, 2021.