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For John

Throughout his entire life, Congressman John Lewis' courage, determination, and strength left me in awe.

My friend John was never one to merely talk the talk. From the streets of Selma to the halls of Congress, he stood firm in what he believed in. And to him, nothing was more important than protecting the right to vote.

Today, House Democrats honored our former colleague by passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

The right to vote is the most sacred and fundamental right we have. But at this moment, Republican-led state legislatures across the country continue to attack our sacred right to vote, as Trump-obsessed lawmakers seek to punish voters of color who delivered President Biden's victory.

The legislation we passed today restores the full strength of the Voting Rights Act, giving us the tools to stop egregious racial discrimination in redistricting and voting.

When John passed away, countless Republicans praised his life's work in pursuit of civil rights.

Today, however, faced with the chance to truly honor that work, not a single Republican joined us in passing this bill.

It was another moment where Congressional Republicans tried to substitute "thoughts and prayers" for real action. And another reminder why we must protect our slim House majority from the folks who want to make it harder to vote.

Please chip in today. Your grassroots support will provide critical resources supporting our progressive movement as we continue to protect and expand a pro-voting majority in Congress.

Though voting access remains under threat, I know that House Democrats are on the right side of history and we will continue fighting to protect our democracy.



Posted on August 24, 2021.