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A first, important victory against big polluters

Once upon a time big oil companies, chemical manufacturers, and other industrial polluters paid into our federal Superfund program to clean up hazardous waste sites.

But then, 25 years ago, Republicans let them off the hook.

It's long past time for polluting corporations that cause massive damage to our planet to pay up. That's why I've been pushing hard to put this tax back in place, and why it's so exciting that the finish line is finally in sight after I worked to secure the Superfund Reinvestment Act in the upcoming Democratic spending bill.

If you want any more proof that the progressive election fights we took on in 2018 and 2020 mattered, look no further. Issues like these — which are central to the health of our communities and the vitality of our planet — would be wholly ignored if Republicans were in charge of writing our nation's budget.

We have to keep building on this momentum, and can't risk losing the progress we've made. Please donate today to support our effort to keep Congress Blue in 2022.

Progressives across Oregon and America understand that we cannot rebuild our country and protect the planet from the climate crisis without polluters paying their fair share of the cleanup costs. That means we need to defend everything we've worked for from megapolluters with deep pockets who want nothing more than to watch us lose.

Please chip in $3 right now. Your contributions go directly to our organizing efforts to elect leaders who will take on big polluters and do what's right for our country, planet, and future.

Courage, and stay tuned. I'll have more soon.


Posted on September 20, 2021.