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Our answer to Republican attacks on Roe

Even before Texas, politicians in Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed almost 500 laws restricting abortion access throughout the past decade.

And the Supreme Court just announced that on December 1, they will hear arguments — openly supported by many Republican lawmakers in Congress — attempting to undo Roe v. Wade.

We had to act. And today we did, by standing up to these extremist attacks on Americans' reproductive freedom, passing the Women's Health Protection Act, and codifying Roe v. Wade.

Days like today are proof that we need to elect leaders who will protect everyone's right to reproductive health care. Chip in today to support our efforts to elect progressive, pro-choice champions who are committed to that mission.

It should be simple: let everyone make the choices that are best for them, not for extremist politicians and their agendas. But we have a long way to go to live up to that simple principle.

In many places, accessing abortion care was nearly impossible even before the recent slew of anti-choice attacks — and was especially challenging for people of color, low-income people, rural citizens, and young people.

The Women's Health Protection Act would help fix that, by protecting everyone's right to a safe and legal abortion, etching Roe into law, and stopping restrictive regulations and laws in their tracks.

It's unfortunate that a right as basic as reproductive freedom is seen by so many of my colleagues as a partisan issue. Despite the fact that a majority of Americans believe abortion should be legal, the Women's Health Protection Act didn't receive a single Republican vote.

It's time to get these out-of-touch Republicans out of Washington, by supporting leaders who believe everyone deserves the right to make their own choices about their own bodies.

Chip in now to help us elect those leaders, and protect and expand our slim majority as we gear up for these kinds of big fights in 2022.

The stakes couldn't be higher when it comes to protecting Americans' reproductive freedom. Let's keep up the pressure on the Senate, get the Women's Health Protection Act signed into law, and send a strong message to anti-choice extremists.



Posted on September 24, 2021.