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Everything progressive

Okay friends! Let's get this out of the way: I'm Team Blumenauer's newest campaign staff member (Hi!) and I am truly excited to get to work. After all, keeping Democratic control of Congress and helping Earl get our progressive agenda through Congress is kind of important right now.

Earl and the team have gotten me up to speed on the state of play right now. We know Republicans are doing everything they can to disrupt and distract ahead of the 2022 election. But we won't let them play games with our future, because we're going to fortify our base and get ready for the fight of our lives.

That means, as we push up to September's end of quarter fundraising deadline, building momentum for progressive change has to be our #1 goal.

Would you be willing to chip in right now and be a big part of this effort?

This isn't just about Democrats winning. It's also about electing candidates up and down the ballot that will defend progressive values and fight for the policy solutions our communities need and deserve.

I'm talking about the reforms that will create a society where we all have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink; a roof over our head; and freedom from the terror of gun violence. A world where everyone pays their fair share, and no one is a diagnosis away from bankruptcy.

Trump-loving Republicans aren't too fond of those ideas, and they're writing huge checks to try to stop it. But we have something they don't have: a vision for a better future. So it's time to get to work, so we can win big in 2022 and get closer to making it a reality.

I'm a firm believer in the basic fact that we can't wait another moment to make big, bold progressive changes. And that's a belief I know we share.

Please make a donation before the end of quarter fundraising deadline. Progressive leaders and policies are counting on it.

Elizabeth Smith
Team Blumenauer

Posted on September 29, 2021.