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A few words before we get there

Republicans have one big goal in 2022: take back Congress, so they can shred the progressive gains we've made this year.

That's because together, we've channeled grassroots action to elect progressive candidates who are now hard at work moving our values forward and dismantling damage done by Donald Trump and his henchmen.

We've come too far to turn back now, or to let Republicans and Donald Trump's friends go back to running things.

I think we all know what that means: Start early. Work hard. Win big.

Donate today so we can keep up a strong pace heading into 2022.

I know you have a lot you want Congress to get done. I'm right there with you. But we both know that's impossible if Republicans are allowed back in the majority. And those Republicans are going to be looking for any signs of weakness tonight, when we hit an important fundraising deadline.

This deadline is one of the biggest moments left in 2021. Let's step up, and show everyone how much grassroots strength Team Blumenauer has mustered over the past three months.

Please chip in before tonight's big deadline. It means so much to our progressive movement.



Posted on September 30, 2021.