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A major breakthrough on fixing our cannabis laws

A few months ago, I updated you on the MORE Act, legislation that decriminalizes marijuana, provides for federal criminal records expungement for cannabis convictions, and invests in communities most harmed by the war on drugs. I reintroduced the MORE Act this Congress after Mitch McConnell's Senate graveyard ignored our bipartisan House passage last year.

I'm following up today to share some exciting news: this legislation has cleared a critical Committee vote, meaning we're making big strides in our fight to continue building momentum around this monumental legislation. It's been a long road to get here, and it hasn't always been easy. But through all the challenges, I've led the way in to bring Oregon's trailblazing leadership on cannabis reform to D.C.

More than half of American adults say they have used cannabis in their lifetimes. It is past time that we codify our federal cannabis policies nationwide, and ensure they are equitable and inclusive. The MORE Act is an essential tool to help us get there. It removes cannabis from the list of scheduled substances under the Controlled Substances Act and eliminates criminal penalties for the manufacturing or use of cannabis. All of that would allow us to dismantle core pillars of the racist war on drugs, which have long disproportionately targeted people of color and low-income people for using cannabis.

I'm going to keep working with my Senate and Cannabis Caucus allies to build on this win, so the United States finally brings our cannabis policy into the 21st century.

More soon.


Posted on October 6, 2021.