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The Debt Ceiling

It's like clockwork:

First, Republicans pass needless tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations, insisting that doing so somehow benefits working families.

Then, when their dishonest economic anti-math blows a hole in our national budget, they try to save face by threatening to default on our nation's debts.

We could call it The Republican Two-Faced Two-Step.

That's exactly what Republicans are doing right now with their ongoing politicization of the debt ceiling.

I've got a solution: eliminate the debt ceiling. Sign the petition and urge Congress to get it done.

It's not difficult. Congress created the concept of a debt ceiling. Congress can end it. What's more important, after all: actual smart financial policy, or political posturing?

I know what the answer has been for too many of my Republican colleagues. But, for the rest of us, it's not complicated.

The bottom line is: Republicans ran up a huge bill with their reckless spending and ridiculous tax cuts, and now they'd rather try to score political points than pay for it. But dining and ditching has consequences.

If they get away with this, jobs will be lost. Our economy will take a serious hit. And every bad thing that comes with both of those is certainly possible.

I'm asking you to lend your name and energy to this cause because, to be frank, we cannot risk the alternative.

Sign the petition and urge immediate action: tell my colleagues in Congress to eliminate the debt ceiling immediately.



Posted on November 22, 2021.