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Sign the petition: undo this Trump-era decision

There are so many things we are dealing with right now, whether it's making sense of Putin's illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine, to coming out of the crisis phase of COVID, to ensuring we are dealing with our housing and climate emergencies. But there are other issues that also need attention.

In my decades-long career in public service, I have been proud to advocate for policies that scientists and experts present strong evidence for. Whether we're talking about the devastating effects of climate-fueled disasters or the detrimental impacts of pollutants in our drinking water, we cannot afford to ignore when science tells us to pause and reconsider.

In 2020, the Trump administration removed gray wolves from the endangered species list. This move, like so many of the reckless choices the former administration made, is a direct contradiction to what science told us to do.

Now, with the loss of federal protections, gray wolf numbers are already declining again, and we cannot justify this truly-endangered species to face new threats after we have just helped them claw back from near-extinction.

Dedicated advocates, community leaders, and scientists were as adamant in 1973 about this critical species needing federal protection, as they are now. We must take the experts' warnings seriously. We should listen.

Sign the petition: urge Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland to keep the gray wolf on the endangered species list.

Any threat to an endangered species is a threat to ecosystems, habitats, and much more. We are all interconnected.

President Biden and his administration have made clear they are committed to science. We need to keep the pressure on, especially when it comes to issues like these: where vulnerable species and ecosystems are counting on us to do the right thing.

Please sign the petition and urge Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland to reverse reckless Trump-era policies and return the gray wolf to the endangered species list.



Posted on February 26, 2022.