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Do you trust the Supreme Court to get this right?

As much as I want to believe that the Supreme Court will do the right thing when it comes to fighting climate change, ask yourself one question: do you want to bet our future on it?

Me neither. And that's why I believe it must be our responsibility in Congress to address climate change and protect both our country and planet.

Sign the petition: urge Congress to take action to fight climate change.

While recent reports from the United Nations show us convincingly that the problem is ramping up, the Supreme Court, freshly-packed with Donald Trump's allies, may very well gut our country's ability to take the lead in addressing it.

The case is West Virginia v. EPA, and it could severely limit the EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gasses.

Make no mistake, the coal industry is in a death spiral, and this case is a last gasp. While the majority of Americans are saying no to aging, dirty coal plants, industry lawyers and lobbyists are waging a futile fight with high stakes consequences that could be disastrous for the future of life on Earth.

In 2021, a report produced by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) –the world's most authoritative body on climate science- showed that the world will probably reach or exceed 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F) of warming within just the next two decades. Whether we limit warming to this level and prevent catastrophic climate impacts depends on actions taken this decade.

Which brings us to the solution. Or at least a big part of it.

The American people broadly support climate action. But that doesn't mean that a Supreme Court, now featuring three Trump appointees, will do the right thing.

Democrats were elected to a majority over the last four years to lead on issues like climate change – and that's exactly what I intend to do right now, in part by asking you to join our movement.

Please sign the petition. Urge action: tell Congress to defend the planet against the Supreme Court's roadblocks.



Posted on March 22, 2022.