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We win when we organize

Earlier this week, I joined my friend Ayanna Pressley and the Indivisible team to share the transformative, progressive agenda that President Biden can enact now to help the American people and win elections.

I called for President Biden to declare a national climate emergency, while Congresswoman Pressley discussed the urgency in canceling student debt through executive action.

While we work in Congress to pass enduring legislation in these important areas, we know that it's not enough. It comes down to this: President Biden should also use his powers to make progress now, and we will organize tirelessly to make it happen.

Demanding that the President uses his executive power is not abandoning the legislative path. It's realizing the promise of Democratic governance and using every tool at our disposal to spark action NOW.

When we organize together, we win together. I will keep advocating for the administration to use every tool at their disposal to help the American people. I hope you'll join me in this effort.



Posted on March 26, 2022.