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Progressing on the path together

If you are a regular reader of my emails, you know that I don't believe in the time-honored tradition of asking, begging, and pleading hysterically for campaign contributions.

I do try to keep you informed with updates on the issues that I'm working on or that I think you might care about.

Raising money is not something that I necessarily enjoy. Every once in a while though, I do need to ask for your support. It's important because you help me organize around Oregon and the country to elect officials who share our values. Most importantly, they are allies to enact our agenda.

Your support also means a great deal to me personally. Some of you like what I do enough to sign up for a recurring monthly contribution of $5 or $25. That vote of confidence means more than I can express in this email.

We all know we live in troubling times. Knowing there is a group of friends joining me on this journey inspires me every day. It keeps me motivated, no matter how tough it is.

Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for helping me do this job. I look forward to our progress on this path together.



Posted on March 30, 2022.