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Help Keep the Momentum Growing

The past few weeks in Congress, I've watched the momentum grow to enact a comprehensive, rational framework for the cannabis industry. Two crucial bills passed the House: the MORE Act and the Medical Marijuana Research Act. The support both bills received indicates we are nearing an end to 50 years of America's failed war on drugs.

The House has done our work; now it's the Senate's turn. Add your name to tell the Senate: "End the war on drugs! Pass comprehensive cannabis policy."

The MORE Act, which I helped author, ends the federal prohibition of cannabis and engages in restorative justice for communities that have suffered from the disproportionate and deliberate criminalization of cannabis.

This is the second time this legislation has passed the House. Last time, we faced Senate leadership who wouldn't even give us the time of day. But we now have leaders in the Senate, including Oregon's own Senator Ron Wyden, who are ready to act on this issue.

On top of this win, another bill I led, the Medical Marijuana Research Act, also passed the House just last week. This legislation removes barriers to conducting research on cannabis and to studying health benefits of state-legal cannabis products.

Without this bill, America's growing cannabis industry operates without the benefit of a robust research program. Despite numerous research institutions here at home, most cannabis research is being outsourced to other countries. This is a missed opportunity for the U.S.

Why is research so important? To give an example, there is no agreed upon test for impairment in the workforce because the effects of cannabis on workers cannot be studied. One of the simplest and most direct impacts of ending the federal government stranglehold on research is to finally have a test that doesn’t fail workers and employers. This will enable us to fill critical jobs in the supply chain.

What's more: there is only one source of cannabis for research in the entire country. With an estimated five million registered medical cannabis patients in the U.S, research is essential for the industry. It will help employers, employees, and the millions of Americans who consume state-legal cannabis products.

Will you sign our petition to urge the Senate to pass long-overdue cannabis policy reforms?

The momentum is ours. I will keep fighting for the federal government to join a majority of Americans and states to end the prohibition on cannabis, bring justice to generations of victims who have suffered due to the deplorable war on drugs, and transform the industry.



Posted on April 20, 2022.