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The housing reset we need

I've been calling for a complete reset when it comes to affordable housing. Rather than just talking about it, I'm working on solutions to get the federal government back in the game after decades of disinvestment that have left communities strapped and people struggling to pay rent, maintain a mortgage, or simply access safe, affordable housing for themselves and their families.

This week we saw leadership in action when Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia L. Fudge visited Portland. Together we toured recent innovative housing sites like Walsh Commons, a new affordable housing development and family shelter with access to light rail. Places like Walsh Commons are truly making a difference for people in our community. And this is just one example — the housing stakeholders and experts we met with Secretary Fudge shared many more. We saw great examples right here in Portland of what happens when the federal government and local housing experts work together on solutions.

While these problems won't be solved overnight, we can reverse decades of disinvestment by the federal government in housing by giving local communities and advocates with the tools they need to put innovative housing partnerships in place.

This is the reset we need.

Last week we talked about infrastructure with President Biden. This week we remember that safe, affordable housing for all is an equally important part of rebuilding and renewing America. I am proud of the partnerships that Secretary Fudge and her team are building to help local communities address the housing crisis. People deserve no less.

I will keep fighting for housing reform to ensure that Congress keeps up its end of the bargain and gives our communities the resources and tools they need to be effective in reversing the housing crisis.



Posted on April 27, 2022.