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Let's mobilize

I've been involved in politics long before I could vote. In fact, I got my start working to lower the voting age in Oregon--and nationally--so the thousands of young people getting drafted for the war in Vietnam could have a say in who was their commander in chief.

That was then. Now, in the wake of a dramatic Supreme Court draft opinion that stands to overturn Roe v. Wade, we need everyone to engage in the democratic process to shape the future of our country regardless of age or where they live.

Elections matter. It only took the loss of one election to take away reproductive rights in our country. There is still so much you can do to make a difference.

So much is at stake. If we want to hold on to our majority in the House of Representatives, break the filibuster in the Senate, and stem the tide of Republicans taking away our rights, we must make every vote count!

What we've seen for more than a decade is that causes and campaigns are successful when we mobilize large, diverse groups of people in peer-to-peer grassroots movements.

To that end, I'm asking you to join me, and sign up as a Neighborhood Leader with the Democratic Party of Oregon. Click here to sign up.

We have set a goal to sign up 4,500 Neighborhood Leaders to GET OUT THE VOTE by before the election in November. That goal starts now, and it starts with you.

Here's how the program works

  1. Fill out the form and tell the DPO where you are registered to vote.

  2. You'll be provided with a list of 35 voting households in your own neighborhood and a simple script to get the conversation started.

  3. Talk with your neighbors, encourage them to vote, and report back how it goes!

We all know how important this year's elections are. We have not one, but two open congressional seats, and both are top targets by Republican political operatives. We also have a wide-open Governor's election, and the winner in that race will determine Oregon's future for a generation. And finally, Democrats must commit to winning state legislative and local races as those candidates are the future of our movement.

The success of the right wing assault on the Supreme Court is the strongest possible reminder that elections matter. We have our work cut out for us this year. That's why I'm sounding the alarm now and calling all-hands-on-deck. Please, sign up to be a neighborhood leader today.



P.S., if you are unable to sign up, please consider donating to my campaign instead. Your donation will go a long way in my efforts to keep fighting for progressive change in Washington.

Posted on May 6, 2022.