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It's time for her to go

I am incensed.

Here we are, two days after Oregon's primary election and we still know very little about the results from voters in Clackamas County. These results are vital to determining several key races across our region and state and it is unconscionable to me that issues known well before election day were not dealt with appropriately.

The Clackamas County elections division is run by Republican Sherry Hall. She has a long track record of mistakes, misdeeds, and failed oversight of elections in Clackamas County. This latest problem of a printing error on an estimated 50,000 ballots – up to 2/3rds of Clackamas County's total ballots – is one of the most egregious in a long line of election troubles plaguing Sherry Hall's tenure.

What's worse is that she has refused assistance from other election officials who have offered both experienced personnel to help and even resources to hire temporary staff to count the votes, ensure accuracy, and get the information out to voters in a timely manner.

Why she has been allowed to continue in her role is baffling. The good news is that there is something we can do about it.

In November, Sherry is up for reelection. Running against her is a well-qualified, professional elections administrator, former librarian, and public servant, Catherine McMullen.

Catherine will bring much needed professionalism and organization to a clearly disorganized and out-of-step elections division in one of Oregon's most populous and dynamic counties.

Representing parts of Clackamas County, including the incredible Mount Hood area, has always been a highlight for me. I want to make sure that Clackamas County and Oregon voters receive what they deserve: an accountable, timely, and transparent elections process.

Join me in contributing $4 to Catherine's campaign.

Let's make sure we retire Sherry Hall and elect a true professional.

Find out more about Catherine McMullen's campaign here.



Posted on May 19, 2022.