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How Oregon will lead in 2022:

It's time to talk about how we stop Republicans from taking over Congress.

Because, if they take control, you can be absolutely assured that every priority we've fought for will be put back up on the shelf.

Gun control? Climate change? No and no. Abortion access and rights? Again, no. Issues of equity and equality? Not a chance.

In their place? A hyper-partisan circus. Anything awful you can think of could be on the table. That's no exaggeration.

Here in Oregon, we have three big races that will play a big part in deciding whether or not Republicans take back control of the House. Each matters, and each of our terrific progressive women candidates needs your immediate support.

Val Hoyle. Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Andrea Salinas.


Three terrific leaders who are progressive through-and-through. Three votes we must ensure are on our side when Congress opens in 2023.

I am utterly convinced that each of these progressives is going to be indispensable in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Not only are their hearts and heads wholly with us, they're tireless organizers who will help us not only fight for better policies, but who will rally people both in Oregon and across America to demand more of our leaders and ourselves.

I am eager to get to work with them, first on the campaign trail and then in Washington D.C.

— but first? We need to win in November.

Please chip in today and let's rally these three terrific progressive women to victory.



Posted on June 30, 2022.