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Fighting for a better Congress

Last week was hard-fought in Washington DC, when three of my amendments to the National Defense Authorization Bill passed the House, and news broke of yet another breakdown in the Senate over a federal spending package. At the core of this latest blockade is West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who somehow thinks it's wise to keep kicking the can down the road on our climate crisis, while also shielding the wealthiest Americans and corporations from paying their fair share of taxes.

Although it seems ludicrous that a single vote in the Senate can derail the budget reconciliation process and thwart the passage of critical legislation, this is the reality of Congress right now and a reflection of how close the majority margin truly is.

If you, like me, are beyond frustrated by the dynamic in the Senate and know that we can no longer wait for reason to take hold, and that action speaks louder than words then it is time to change it!

How do we do that?

First, we keep the pressure on the Senate by passing bills in the House that move America forward, instead of backwards or keeping the status-quo.

Last week, the House passed and sent these bills to the Senate:

  • The Women's Health Protection Act (for the second time) which would assure the right for women to make their own health decisions.
  • The Ensuring Access to Abortion Act, which will protect the right to travel across state lines to access necessary health services if they are not allowed in your state.
  • My Veteran's Equal Access Act, which would allow veterans to consult with their doctors about medical cannabis in states with legal programs.
  • My Formula Act, which helps families struggling to access infant formula by lifting import tariffs and reducing retailer costs to keep shelves stocked.
  • My Empowering Resilient Local Communities Amendment, which allows FEMA to respond to extreme heat and freeze events and deliver aid to underserved communities.
  • My Defense Logistics Electrification Amendment, which creates a pilot program for electric vehicles within the Department of Defense.

Second, we organize and fight to elect a better Congress.

In the coming election it is critical that Democrats hold the House majority and add at least two additional pro-choice, pro-climate action, pro-tax fairness votes to the Senate. This will allow bills like the Women's Health Protection Act will become law, and we can get a budget package that eases the economic burden and deals with the increasing effects of climate change.

This week I'll be meeting in Washington with candidates in key races across the country. Oregon of course has three of those crucial races which are a priority as well. I will share more about how you can help in the days and weeks to come.

Throughout my career I've always fought for what's right. Progress has always been difficult and easy wins are rare. But now, the stakes are even higher. Women's rights cannot wait. Economic recovery cannot wait. The climate emergency cannot wait. We must set aside our disappointment, come together, and fight to elect every Democrat we can. That's why I'm hard at work in DC and helping win Democrats win seats here in Oregon and all across the country. I hope you'll join me because this election. Every. Single. Vote. Matters.



Posted on July 18, 2022.