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Standing proud on our record

I hope you have enjoyed hearing from me over the past 30 days where I have shared specific items that Democrats in the House of Representatives have accomplished. When I started this series, all 30 items had not passed in the Senate.

Like many of you, I was overjoyed by the historic passage of the Inflation Reduction Act which solidified many of our policy goals into law. I even had to scramble to refix several items I had planned to share, which just months ago were considered out of reach and today are the law of the land.

The Inflation Reduction Act is the single largest climate investment in our nation's history. It addresses rising health care costs for working families, while ensuring corporations pay their fair share in taxes. It also helps the Internal Revenue Service recover from a decade of ideological Republican attacks that made it impossible for taxpayers to get their calls returned, refunds processed and basic questions answered. Likewise, President Biden signed into law expanded benefits for our veterans, the first piece of gun control legislation in decades, and a historic investment to increase production of American-made semiconductors. And that was just over the course of this summer.

I reject the notion that Democrats have not gotten anything done. Not only did we pass major pieces of legislation into law—as I shared with you this summer—there is even more teed up and awaiting action.

Imagine what we can do if we expand our Senate majority and keep the House.

Now it is up to all of us to share with our friends, families, and neighbors this list of incredible Democratic accomplishments and the additional items we will be able to deliver if we keep the House and pick up a few more seats in the Senate to have a more functional majority.


Click here for a full list of bills and laws passed by House Democrats.



Posted on September 1, 2022.