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The path forward for cannabis

I applaud President Biden's action to pardon federal marijuana offenses, which is something I advocated for him to do in my role as Co-Chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. The President is taking an historic step towards ending the federal government's failed and discriminatory prohibition on cannabis. I welcome this both because it is long overdue, and in part because no person – especially those targeted in the failed war on drugs – should be imprisoned for mere cannabis possession.

The Administration has the opportunity to do more, and I will continue working to ensure that our pending legislation in Congress keeps moving forward. The SAFE Banking Act should be passed by the Senate and sent to the President without further delay. Waiting means that cannabis businesses remain targets for robbery and violence. Thugs know they have huge amounts of cash on their premises.

My Medical Marijuana Research Act is also ready for passage. I will also continue to push for veterans being able to access cannabis where there are state legal programs and comprehensive decriminalization through the MORE Act.

The momentum to end the failed federal war on drugs and enact rational cannabis policy is ours. Already 99% of Americans live in a state where some form of cannabis use is legal. Five more states have cannabis reform initiatives on the ballot in November.

President Biden took an important step forward today. I look forward to partnering with the Administration, the bipartisan Cannabis Caucus, and my colleagues in the Senate, including Senators Ron Wyden, Cory Booker, and Chuck Schumer, to bring the federal government in step with the American public who support sound, just cannabis policy.



Posted on October 6, 2022.