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Let's keep East County rising

Dear Friends,

This election cycle I'm focused on helping candidates who are making a difference in Oregon and throughout the country.

East of Portland lies one of the best examples of new and growing political leadership.

I began my political engagement campaigning to lower the national voting age. I couldn't believe that our government would send its citizens to fight in war when they weren't even old enough to vote for the Commander in Chief.

That experience motivated me to run for office, because I knew that our government can and should be a force for good. There was a lot we could do to improve the lives of all Americans.

These emerging leaders remind me why I ran for office. They want the government to work better for everyone. They represent people whose voices have been excluded by traditional politics and coalitions. And they work harder than anyone I have ever seen.

They have my support, and they also deserve yours.

Janelle Bynum is running for reelection in House District 39 (East Portland, Damascus, Boring, North Clackamas).

Zach Hudson is running for reelection in House District 49 (Troutdale, Fairview, Wood Village, Gresham).

Ricki Ruiz is running for reelection in House District 50 (Gresham).

Darcy Long is a candidate for House District 52 (Hood River).

Raz Mason is running for Senate District 26 (Hood River, the Dalles, Sandy).

Ballots are going in the mail on October 18. You can check your district to see who is on your ballot.

This election is critical. Control of the Oregon legislature hangs in the balance, and with it our abortion protections, marriage equality, and lower prescription drug costs.



P.S. In addition to your vote, if you have time to give, please consider volunteering for East County Rising. It is a phenomenal citizen driven organizing force committed to nurturing the diverse leaders of today and tomorrow in East Multnomah County.

Posted on October 7, 2022.