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What a week!

What a phenomenal week! I was delighted to welcome Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to Oregon for some of the most energetic rallies I've ever participated in. The support for our Democratic candidates for Congress, governor and races up and down the ballot is electric!

Earl Blumenauer, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Elizabeth Warren and voters
Bernie Sanders and Earl Blumenauer

The road to the majority goes straight through Oregon. And, it's crunch time.

Tomorrow there will be just 10 days until the election. We're making the biggest push yet for volunteers to help knock on doors, work the phones, and turn out voters. This is where Democrats do our best work, with people power. Ballots have been mailed and we need everyone to help us get them turned in.

I'm encouraging everyone to volunteer for a shift (or two!) between now and Election Day, November 8. There is no experience needed — just click this link to sign up. This is the most exciting part of our democracy — everyone can play a part and it truly makes a difference.

And of course, remember to vote. Fill out your ballot, sign the back, and make sure it's dropped off or postmarked by November 8. You don't even need a stamp.

Over the next few days I'll remind you about the candidates I'm supporting and who I believe deserve yours too. Meanwhile, now is the time to help Democrats in Oregon and across the nation reach the finish line!

Thank you for your help. I hope to see you on the campaign trail soon.



Posted on October 28, 2022.