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One Week to Go

Today marks the final week before one of the most consequential elections I've ever seen. On November 8, Oregonians will decide who controls Congress and our own state.

There are just two things I'm going to ask you to do this week. #1: VOTE. #2: VOLUNTEER.

Our democracy depends on you. Across the country Democrats are fighting to rein in inflation, stand up to election deniers and horrific disinformation and physical attacks on elected officials and their families, stop Social Security and Medicare from being privatized, and protect abortion rights.

And in Oregon the Governor's race has become a two way contest between a proven leader and an extremist.

Let me repeat that: Betsy Johnson cannot win.

I do find it ironic that some who are voting for Betsy Johnson were also upset by voters choosing Ralph Nader in 2000 and Jill Stein in 2016. Obviously people should vote for whomever they want, but you cannot have it both ways. A vote for Betsy Johnson could lead to handing the state to a Republican governor who will roll back many of the values we cherish in Oregon.

The only choice to move Oregon forward is Tina Kotek.

Tina Kotek will lead Oregon in a new direction. She has a plan to clean up the streets, connect people to mental health services, stand up for workers and their families, and condemn extremism. When she called for a state of emergency on homelessness three years ago, her opponent Christine Drazan blocked those efforts, and led her colleagues to walk off the job. Oregonians deserve better, and with Tina as Governor, we will get there.

Back to Congress, our region has four big House races that WILL determine which party controls the U.S. House of Representatives. These visionary Democrats are ready to join the Northwest delegation and help us tackle the challenges ahead:

Earl's Endorsements

These candidates need your help now. Make a plan to vote. Set up time to fill out your ballot. Make sure to sign the back. If you plan to mail it, it must be postmarked by Election Day, November 8. You can also drop it in an official dropbox by 8 pm on November 8.

And please, if you can, volunteer. Let's ensure every ballot gets turned in and every vote is counted. Everyone who helps will truly make a difference in the outcome of this monumental election.

Remember, there is just one week to go. Let's give it our all and leave nothing to chance.


Posted on November 1, 2022.