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Expanding Access to the Ballot and Defending our Democracy

Expanding Voter Access. Congressman Blumenauer has been fighting for expanded access to the ballot for decades. In 2019, the House passed the most comprehensive democracy-reform package in a generation ( H.R. 1), which included Congressman Blumenauer’s Vote By Mail Act legislation, paving the way for every state to offer vote by mail with free postage as an option for voters who request an at-home ballot.

Paper Ballots. H.R. 1 also included a provision from the Congressman’s PAVE Act, which requires elections officials to produce a voter-verified paper ballot, in order to guard against cybersecurity threats and election interference.

Campaign Finance Reform. The Congressman supports the following:

  • A constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, which has given corporations and wealthy donors the ability to buy influence in our elections.
  • Public financing of congressional elections to reduce the influence of big donors, diversify the pool of candidates, and build campaigns on small donors and real people.
  • Legislation to increase transparency of spending by requiring corporations, lobbyists, and outside groups to disclose expenditures and campaign contributions.