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Protecting our Environment & Climate

We must act immediately to embrace a just transition to green transportation and infrastructure and create clean energy jobs, protect natural resources, and practice regenerative agriculture to decarbonize our economy and save our planet.

Demanding a Green New Deal. Congressman Blumenauer is an original co-sponsor and co-author of the Green New Deal. During his time in Congress he has authored and supported many policies that could accomplish Green New Deal goals and, since its introduction, has been working to make the Green New Deal vision a reality.

Protecting climate-vulnerable communities. Too often, communities of color, indigenous peoples, and people living on low incomes are on the front lines of climate change, toxic pollution, and other environmental degradation, at the expense of opportunity, livability, and justice. In June 2019, Congressman Blumenauer led the charge to declare a Climate Emergency rooted in climate justice to address the impacts and consequences that the climate crisis will have on frontline communities. He was joined by Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Defending Public Lands. Congressman Blumenauer is fighting Donald Trump’s reckless efforts to strip protections from our public lands, which hold irreplaceable cultural, wildlife, climate, recreational, and other values. In fact, he is working to expand protections for special places in Oregon and across the country, elevate indigenous voices in land and resource protection, and ensure that ALL people have equitable and culturally-appropriate opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Prioritizing Clean Air and Water. Congressman Blumenauer is defending the Clean Air Act and fighting the Trump administration’s moves to rewrite the Clean Water Rule and open up our coasts to new oil and gas drilling. He is working to hold polluters accountable for the disproportionate impacts of air and water pollution on communities of color, indigenous peoples, and people living on low incomes.

Standing up for Fish and Wildlife. Congressman Blumenauer is defending salmon, gray wolves, and many other at-risk species from the Republicans’ war on wildlife. He is also at the forefront of the movement to maintain our food supply by protecting bees and other pollinators from toxic chemicals.

Elevating Climate-Smart Agriculture. With agriculture responsible for up to a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, Congressman Blumenauer is fighting to change the predominant industrial agriculture model that destroys our environment and makes Americans sick. Many “climate smart” practices were used by indigenous farmers generations ago; Congressman Blumenauer is working to elevate this history and prioritize these types of practices in federal agricultural policy.

Combating Corporate Influence. Congressman Blumenauer is fighting to tighten rules on corporations that threaten our long-term survival to make short-term profits. This means holding industrial polluters accountable for the damage they’ve caused, closing lobbyist-created loopholes, and keeping corporations out of politics, especially where the climate, our water supply, and toxic chemicals are concerned. He refuses to accept contributions from the fossil fuel industry.