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Unlocking Housing Opportunity and Reversing Federal Housing Failures

Massive issues – structural and institutional racism, climate change, massive income inequality, globalization – undergird our housing crisis. That means our solutions need to be big enough and bold enough to get the job done:

Public Housing. Earl’s comprehensive housing plan includes a radical increase in funding for construction, maintenance, energy efficiency, and safety upgrades in public housing, as well as for a “Public Housing Construction Fund” to fully meet the needs of the 1.6 million people on the national public housing waitlist.

Homelessness. Congressman Blumenauer embraces “Housing First” policies, in which people experiencing homelessness get the medical treatment and social services they need – not just a roof over their heads. In addition, he is fighting to increase resources to stop unjust evictions and prevent further homelessness.

Renter Relief. Earl is leading the effort to cap unreasonable rent increases and to create a Renter’s Tax Credit, to ensure that low-income families aren’t paying more than 30% of their income toward rents.

Equitable Homeownership. Congressman Blumenauer is fighting to create opportunities for families who’ve been locked out of homeownership by creating incentives for first time homebuyers – especially those living in formerly redlined or segregated areas. Further, Earl is working to eliminate the loopholes and tax breaks that subsidize the purchase of second homes for the wealthy.

Fair Housing Policy. Centuries of overtly racist and discriminatory housing policies have left massive wealth, homeownership, and opportunity gaps between white communities and communities of color. Earl is focused on righting those wrongs and making housing accessible to those who’ve been historically shut out. That means doubling funding for enforcement of the Fair Housing Act, strengthening existing fair housing laws, and expanding the Fair Housing Act to protect more people.