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Add your name: Save the Postal Service!

Yesterday, we learned that Donald and Melania Trump requested mail-in ballots in order to vote in next week's Florida primary election. He knows that the only way to hold a safe and fair election during a pandemic is to fund emergency Vote-By-Mail nationwide. But he clearly doesn't want a safe and fair election, because high turnout means that he and the Republicans will lose.

So, he's doing what cheaters and thin-skinned authoritarians always do: he's attacking democracy itself.

Make no mistake, Trump is trying to sabotage the United States Postal Service and rig the election process so that fewer people can vote.

Let me be clear: this isn't what I think Trump is doing. It's what he's told us he's doing:

Add your name to tell Republicans in Congress: "Save the Postal Service!"

In June, Trump put an obedient (and wealthy) GOP donor in charge of the USPS to help rig the election. In less than two months, Trump's Postmaster General has slashed overtime hours, fired experienced managers, cut equipment, and intentionally slowed down deliveries.

That means seniors aren't getting their medication on time.

It means people in rural communities, who are especially counting on the postal service during the pandemic, don't know when supplies will arrive.

It means small businesses are getting cut off from critical deliveries.

It means our democracy is in danger – right now.

Trump doesn't care about any of that. He cares about his own power. That's it.

And his enablers in Congress are – once again – afraid to stand up to him.

Add your name to join me in telling Congressional Republicans "Grow a spine; stand up to Trump and fully fund the Postal Service!"


Posted on August 14, 2020.