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Sign the Petition: Protect our democracy with a nationwide vote-at-home system.

Here in Oregon, we are lucky to vote at home. But for those across the country without such a system, this is the reality:

Long lines. Limited polling place hours. Taking time off work or school to vote. Voter suppression and intimidation.

Our democracy works best when we make it easier to vote, not harder.

The solution: A national vote-at-home program.

Voting at home breaks down barriers for seniors, working families, disabled Americans, and young voters. Not only does it give people the flexibility to vote from the convenience of their own home, but paper ballots are unhackable and can easily be recounted and audited.

By expanding our vote-at-home system, we can include more people in our democracy, and protect our democracy from those who would threaten it.

Tell Congress: It's time for Oregon-style vote-at-home nationwide.

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